Ken Tsang- Executive Chef/Owner

Born in Hong Kong, Ken was surrounded by culinary influences from all over the World at a young age. His love of food began in the home kitchen watching his parents cook authentic Chinese cuisine. Curious about how certain foods went with different spices, and how taking simple ingredients and turning them into delicious creations, it did not take long for Ken to step into his family kitchen and become a helping hand. What started as a curiosity, turned into a dream of becoming a chef.

It was not until the age of 25 when Ken fully pursued his dream. After graduating from San Jose State University with a degree in Hospitality Management, Ken wanted to further his studies by attending the California Culinary Academy, Le Cordon Bleu in San Francisco, CA. He graduated 9 months into the culinary program with top marks and began his apprenticeship. With his classically trained techniques, to his knowledge of Chinese cuisine, Chef Ken is able to create dishes using local and sustainable ingredients, while adding Chinese influences. 

As he continued his culinary career with companies such as Google and Cirque du Soleil, Chef Ken was able to take his love for food and expand into different genres such as Indian, American, Latin and South American cuisine. He prides himself in changing people’s perspective of ethnic food. 

With his knowledge and experience, Chef Ken started up his own monthly 5-course pop-up dinners for close acquaintances.  The popularity of it lead him to start up his own full-time catering business and his success is only growing. 



Denise Roque - Event Operations Manager

Denise began her career in hospitality as an intern at the Four Seasons, San Francisco while obtaining her Marketing Degree at San Francisco State University. Upon completing her internship, she joined the Food and Beverage Department where she assisted in the management of the restaurant, bar and the private dining room. Her focus was the overall experience of dining hotel guests, residents and corporate clientele.

She then became catering coordinator at the city Moscone Center where she assisted in executing events from small cocktail receptions to city-wide events for companies across all industries. In her most current role, she manages marketing efforts for the global sales office of the Four Seasons supporting events geared towards the corporate and travel industry. 

Denise's love for food spans across exploring all that San Francisco has to offer: from food trucks, local hidden gems, fine dining and especially desserts. She takes this same approach abroad, tasting the specialty dishes unique to each city and culture. 









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